Fotografía: Teatro Municipal de la Ciudad de Santa Fe. Argentina – 2009.



Gustavo is from Argentina. He was born in the city of Santa Fe. He is a tango choreographer, teacher and dj. He studied at the “Escuela Argentina de Tango” in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He also studied at the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the “Universidad Nacional del Litoral” (Santa Fe). He gives tango classes and seminars; he works as a dj at milongas and participates in tango shows, performances and festivals in Argentina, Europe and Brazil, as a member of the “Asociación de Maestros, Bailarines y Coreógrafos de Tango Argentino” of Buenos Aires. He participated as a member of the jury in the International Tango Championship’s (“Mundial de Tango”) preliminaries in Brazil. He was organising the “Flor de Milonga” in Santa Fe (Argentina) and in Curitiba (Brazil) and the “Típica Tango Club” milonga in São Paulo (Brazil). His dancing style as well as his musical style as a tango dj is recognised and appreciated by the demanding tango experts worldwide. Gustavo teaches the classic tango milonguero style at its contemporary version, both as a dance and as a philosophy, with the aim of continuing the traditional culture of the authentic Argentine tango, the way it was transmitted to him by his family and teachers, as well as the way he feels, lives and experiences it and as a part of his own cultural identification. He is currently directing the “Naturally, Tango!” and “Tango Milonguero Athens” Courses in Athens, Greece.