“The art of dancing naturally”                         

Gustavo teaches the classic tango milonguero style at its contemporary version, both as a dance and as a philosophy, with the aim of continuing the traditional culture of the authentic Argentine tango, the way it was transmitted to him by his family and teachers, as well as the way he experiences and feels it as part of his own cultural identity.

The teaching methodology is contemporary and adapted to each student.

The main themes of the classes:

– The importance of the embrace, its possibilities and secrets.

– Communication between couples.

– Marking and adornos. How, when, how many? – Improvisation and creativity.

– Musicality according to the music genre and the orchestra.

– Milonga: Co-existence and code of conduct.

– The history of tango and its most important artists.

In this way the student discovers his / her personal style, acquires an excellent level of dance as well as a natural and fluent movement, while exploring and feeling the real essence of the Argentine culture!




The spaces are the same, those of us who dance tango are becoming more and more! Precise technique, improvisation, dominating small places, musical interpretation for a natural, fluid, comfortable and elegant dance in the most crowded and demanding milongas!                                                                                           More information: here




If you want to learn how to dance tango or perfect your technique and enjoy a comfortable and elegant dance at the most crowded and demanding milongas, we provide you with the precise information. 
More information: here